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The walk on walk off hassle free boating experience

Owning often means owing. Who needs that stress? Pacific Boating offers a unique invitation offers you the opportunity to enjoy a boating lifestyle without the costs and hassles that are normally associated with boat ownership or boat share. It offers freedom and flexibility tailored to be as individual as you are because you choose how you cruise. Our fleet of boats range from 29 foot to 52 foot luxury sports cruisers. Our boat memberships include mid week 7 day membership package options. As a boating club member you are able to access our luxury sports boats on Sydney Harbour, The Hawkesbury or Pittwater waterways. It really is easy to Join The Club!

All you do is make a booking online, arrive at the marina, step on board, and go cruising. The Pacific Boating Team takes care of everything.

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Our elite fleet

Pacific Boating currently has a fleet of 19 Sea Ray Diesel Powered luxury sports cruisers all equipped with bow thrusters, GPS and inflatable tenders to cater to all your boating needs.


“There is no way that we could buy boats like these but with Pacific Boating we have access to great boats. Training was fantastic. I’m not sure how we would have gone had we bought a boat of our own. The walk on walk off service is the envy of our friends who own boats. I can see us upgrading to a larger size and I can’t see myself ever buying a boat”

“Pacific Boating deliver the service you sign up for ! The boats are always clean and in good condition ....They work ! The staff are well organised and always very courteous. All round a great service”

“We've been members for almost 4 years now and never regretted it. Many advantages over owning a boat like: take out a boat at different locations, try different boat sizes, no cleaning and maintenance, no hidden costs”

"There is no doubt that life doesn't get any better, then sitting back on the water of Sydney Harbour and watching the world go by. Pacific boating not only makes this achievable with very affordable monthly rates, it takes away all the headaches of owning your own boat including all unexpected costs. We love the walk on, walk off service no cleaning and maintainance hassles."


Pacific Boating is located at 3 locations Rozelle, Rose Bay and Church Point that give you access to the three main waterways of Sydney, Sydney Harbour, The Hawkesbury and Pittwater.


Membership Enquiries

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