Top 5 Best Swimming Spots in Sydney

Not only is Sydney beautiful, it also offers a wealth of gorgeous swimming spots where you can take a refreshing dip in the sea. With crystal clear water and plenty of places to enjoy a paddle, Sydney’s got everything you need for an idyllic summer. 

Here, we’ll explore the top swimming spots in Sydney that are easy to access by boat. Offering safety and seclusion, these locations are perfect for cooling off after a relaxing cruise around the harbour. 

Before diving in to some of Sydney’s top swimming spots, please ensure that if swimming in Harbourside locations, that you take extra caution of dangerous weather conditions and occasional shark sightings. Be sure to swim where and when it is safe, and be weary that some areas involve swimming at your own risk.

What is the best way to explore Sydney swimming spots?

There are a number of hidden swimming spots around Sydney that can only be accessed by boat. These little pockets of paradise give you the pleasure of ocean swimming, but without the crowds. 

If you’d like to visit one of these hidden locations for a swim in Sydney, Pacific Boating is the best way to do it. Pacific Boating members get to experience the freedom of boat ownership, but without the hard work. There’s no need to worry about cleaning and maintenance – it’s simply a matter of booking a boat and taking it out for a relaxing cruise. 

Find out how it works to discover the joy of cruising Sydney harbour on a regular basis. 

Can I swim in Sydney Harbour?

There are plenty of spots where swimming in Sydney harbour is safe. If you’re looking for a place where you can charter a boat and jump into the water, these locations are all suitable:

  • Milk Beach
  • Hermit Bay
  • Athol Bay
  • Store Beach
  • Sirius Cove

Please note that it’s important to be aware of the weather conditions and levels of boating traffic. Sometimes following heavy rain, certain parts of the ocean surrounding Sydney can become polluted as a result of stormwater runoff. 

If it’s been raining and you want to make sure that a particular spot is safe for swimming, head over to Beachwatch for up-to-date info.

Where is it safe to swim in Sydney?

Looking for other great locations to take a dip along Sydney’s shoreline? Check out this guide to 9 of the best beaches in Sydney to find out the most popular places for snorkelling, surfing and more.

Remember to always follow these water safety tips for a happy and safe experience!  

What are the best swimming spots in Sydney?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing hidden beaches in Sydney where Pacific Boating members can enjoy a swim. With your own private boat, you can sail past the throngs of beachgoers to arrive at a swimming spot that’s peaceful and serene. 

Milk Beach

This tucked-away little gem is located at the base of Hermit Bay – part of a National Park. Milk Beach is small and secluded, plus it offers absolutely stunning views of the harbour. 

This spot is the perfect place to drop your anchor so you can take a jump off the side of your boat and splash down into heaven! The water conditions are generally good, plus the beach is a great place to soak in the sun and enjoy a picnic lunch. 

From Milk Beach you can also wander into the grounds of Strickland House; a magnificent 19th century heritage-listed mansion. Peaceful and picturesque, a visit to this estate will leave you feeling inspired. 

Hermit Beach 

Also located within Hermit Bay, this tiny beach offers fantastic views of the city. One of Sydney’s best-kept secrets, this idyllic corner of Vaucluse features shady areas to enjoy lunch and soak in the tranquillity. 

Located along the Hermitage Foreshore walk, Hermit Beach offers calm conditions for swimming. Small and secluded, a visit to Hermit Beach will make you feel like you’ve been on an adventure to a distant paradise – without leaving the city!

Athol Bay

Located on the western side of Bradleys Head (an area of headland that extends from the north shore of Sydney Harbour), Athol Bay is one of the most visually impressive swimming spots in Sydney. When you drop your anchor at Athol Bay, you’ll be able to take in the extraordinary views of the harbour – including the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge!

This swimming spot features two small beaches: Whiting Beach and Athol Beach. Whiting is located within walking distance of Taronga Zoo, plus it’s surrounded by a lush backdrop of foliage. It offers shallow water for kids and novice swimmers, plus the beach is good for relaxing and appreciating the view. 

There’s good mooring access for boats at Athol Bay, and it also offers good protection from the wind. 

Store Beach

Accessible only by boat, Store Beach features deep water close to shore so you can drop your anchor and enjoy! Part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, this 200 metre beach offers an intimate little place to relax, swim and snorkel. 

With clear water and pristine sand, Store Beach is one of the most peaceful and scenic swimming spots in Sydney. It’s also a sanctuary for fairy penguins, who use the beach during their breeding season as the sun begins to set. Access to the beach is restricted at night, but if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of these enchanting creatures from the deck of your vessel. 

Sirius Cove

Located at the end of Sirius Cove Road in Mosman, Sirius Cove is a dog-friendly beach that’s popular with families. Once you’ve anchored your boat, Sirius Cove offers plenty of options for recreation including swimming, fishing, dog watching and sunbathing. 

The beautiful spot is nice and shady – so you can stay for a while and enjoy the vibe. One of Sydney’s most underrated beaches, for sure!

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