30 Adventures in 30 Days – Part 1

Here in Sydney we are not short of amazing seaside spots to spend your weekends. While we have the classics that we all know and love like Sydney Harbour and Pittwater, there are so many other breath-taking locations a little off the beaten track. With 30 days of adventures guaranteed with your PB membership, we want to see you making the most of each and every one of them. If you’re not using your membership or own your own vessel and wanting to explore some new locations, we have covered that too. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore the ins and outs of this city whether you’re on the boat or not!

Lets make a start …

Kamay National Park, Botany Bay

With coastal landscapes that resemble a postcard, Kamay National Park is as rich in culture as it is breath-taking. Explore Captain Cooks Landing Place and how this city we know and love came to be or hit your daily step count with one of the stunning coastal walks. If whale watching is on your bucket list, then Kamay is the place for you.


This destination is not within the PB access area however it can be reached by car or your own vessel.

Sunset at Bradley’s Head

If you haven’t already had the privilege of spending the early evening out at Bradley’s Head, it should definitely be at the top of your list. As the sun goes down and the light creates a silhouette of the city whatever stress you were carrying seems to instantly melt away. Coming into Summer where the days seem to last forever, gather the crew and bottle of bubbles and unwind at the iconic Bradley’s Head.

This destination is within the PB access area.

Relaxing at Jibbon Beach

 Save yourself the plane ticket to The Greek Islands and cruise down to Jibbon Beach instead. Located at the eastern end of Bundeena, its low tides are great for families with little ones. Walking trails let you pass through the picturesque seaside cliffs with some pretty amazing Aboriginal rock engravings scattered throughout.


This destination is not within the PB access area however it can be reached by car or your own vessel.


Overnight on the Hawksbury River

We’ve all had those days out on the water that you never want to end, so don’t. Grab your toothbrush and head up the Hawksbury for a weekend escape we all deserve. The world is your oyster at the Hawksbury with fishing, water sports and beaches all at your fingertips. If you’re looking for a quite spot to relax and unwind there is 120km’s of uninterrupted water for you to choose from.

This destination is within the PB access area.

Kayaking at Palm Beach

Palm Beach in the Summer months is as close to perfection as you can get. And while we love to head up north in our luxury sports cruisers, there are some places that only a kayak can get you to. Explore all the hidden beaches and burn off some serious calories before treating yourself to a delicious lunch at one of the many waterfront dining options.

This destination is within the PB access area.

Beach Hopping at Spring Cove

Good things come in threes and Spring Cove is no exception. Spend the morning at Collins Beach, early arvo at Store Beach and watch the sunset over Quarantine Station. This natural enclave highlights the best of what Sydney has to offer through its simplistic natural beauty that is sure to relax even the busiest of people.

This destination is within the PB access area.

Catered Seafood Degustation at Cockle Bay

Thanks to our partnerships with some of Sydney’s most iconic seafood restaurants we are so proud to offer this PB exclusive experience. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special event, or just the end of another week, do it in the height of luxury aboard your vessel. Enjoy your banquet dockside with a 360-degree view of the city or head out to your favourite spot with everything taken care of. Some COVID – 19 restrictions may apply so best to confirm prior to arriving

This destination is within the PB access area.

Hiking in the East (Rose Bay to Watsons Bay)

Why pay for a gym membership when we have all of these fabulous coastal walks on offer? One of our absolute favourites is the Rose Bay to Watsons Bay purely for the insane views from start to finish. With secluded beaches, gorgeous parklands and panoramic views of the city and harbour all included you will almost forget that you’re exercising.

This destination is within the PB access area.


Solitude at Resolute Beach

A little piece of heaven just outside of the city. If you’re looking for a quite secluded spot to anchor and relax then look no further. The West Head Lookout is definitely worth a visit with views spanning across Pittwater and Broken Bay all the way up to the Central Coast. Catch up on some reading or have casual picnic with friends. Either way you will come home feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to tackle the week ahead.

This destination is within the PB access area.










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