How To Anchor

Let’s be honest, you cannot beat a Sydney Summer. Blue skies, balmy nights and a coast line that is begging to be explored. If you have access to a boat, chances are you are enjoying your time with friends and family around the harbour and surrounding gems. While relaxation and sunshine (and champagne) are most certainly on the cards, it is important that you increase your awareness in the peak season to avoid having to cut your cruise short.

In crowded bays, anchors have the ability to drag and bring those of other boats along for the ride. While you’re probably all for a friendly wave to your fellow boaters from across the bay, getting your anchors tangled is not the ideal way to make friends (trust us).

There is nothing like stumbling across a secluded cove which looks like it belongs on a postcard. In all the excitement, the anchor falls gracefully overboard, with the skipper not remembering to check the condition of the shackles securing the chain in the anchor bay. With as much chance of finding your anchor as the Titanic, it’s bye-bye relaxing day on the water, your heading back to the marina.

It’s also important to remember that tides and winds can change direction resulting in havoc to others anchored in the near vicinity. Make sure you’re not anchoring on top of anyone and stick to the basics:

  • Leave plenty of room around you
  • Check the water depth
  • Know the tides
  • Head the boat into the wind
  • Release the correct amount of chain, usually 4 times the depth

Check out our video below for an update on all things anchoring and the main things to watch out for.

Happy Boating!


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