Member Profile – Andrew Smith

I was first introduced to Pacific Boating around 7 years by a friend and I was instantly drawn to the concept. The possibility of having access to a 44-foot boat without all the hassles that come with owning was perfect for my busy family. Between taking the kids all over Sydney to sport practices and running two trade businesses Dr. Drip and Lifestyle Tradie, the walk on walk off nature of Pacific Boating was the answer to my prayers!

My wife and I were looking for fun outdoor activities which got the kids excited about leaving the house (and the tv) and was also a relaxing day out us. Let me tell you there is nothing more relaxing having a few beers and some cheese with a 360-degree view of Sydney Harbour while the kids practice their dives off the back of the boat. It also makes the perfect wine and dine experience for potential clients and their families.

We signed up for two years and loved every minute of it but made the decision to take some time off as my wife and I were travelling overseas a lot and wanted to focus on that. I wasn’t long before the kids were asking when we were going out on the boat again. Our staff too… Let me tell you once you have experienced a day out at Pittwater in a secluded spot at Smiths Creek, it’s hard not to miss it.

From the moment we signed up, I felt at ease. Having gone from just getting my boat licence to being responsible for a 44-foot boat would not have been possible without the amazing training and patience of the team. Sean’s first-class customer service and training instantly gave me the confidence to take my family and friends out on the water and knowing that if anything went wrong they were a phone call and a short boat ride away made our days that much more relaxing.

After a couple of years of missing our sunny days in Smiths Creek, we made the decision to reactivate our membership. I don’t know what it is, but it really makes all the hard work and everything we do on a day to day basis worth it when you’re out there, beer in hand and shrimps on the BBQ. And the best part?

So, my advice to those thinking of signing up of Pacific Boating… DO IT! If you have ever had a boat or know someone who does, you would understand the hard work that goes into maintaining them and keeping them in peak condition. With Pacific Boating you get to walk onto the boat with everything roaring and ready to go.

Having experienced life with this amazing membership and then without it, I think it’s safe to say we learnt our lesson. Pacific Boating is now and will forever be a part of our family and the wonderful memories we have shared in some of Sydney’s most stunning settings.


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