10 Reasons to Make the Most of Your Pacific Boating Membership

It’s safe to say this has been one of the toughest years Australia has faced and it’s only April. From bushfires to floods and now the COVID 19 virus forcing us to keep our distance and self-isolate, we have really been through it. While isolation for many means locking yourselves at home and working your way through the Netflix catalogue, as Pacific Boating members you have a golden ticket to self-isolate on your vessel and escape the chaos that awaits on land – even if it’s just for a day. We have committed to making our vessels 100% safe and sanitized (which wasn’t too hard because they always are) and have allocated all resources to ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your membership within the current isolation period. Our motto has always been walk-on-walk-off, we take care of everything and during this time it is no different.

If you’re looking to get out of the house and still respect the isolation recommendations from the government, why not take your vessel out and enjoy the day outside on the water.

Here are 10 reasons why you should make the most of your PB membership while in self-isolation or if not a member , 10 reasons to enjoy some time out on Sydney’s waterways.


  • Our vessels are cleaner than ever

While our vessels are always held to the highest standards of cleanliness (with or without COVID), we have amped up the sanitization of all areas to ensure that our vessels are completely safe from infection. Standard cleaning schedules have been increased and we are constantly working with our marinas to improve in any way we can. Sanitizer is provided  throughout the marinas.

  • Enjoy the outdoors

Being stuck inside day after day is hard. For those of you that have been working from home for a while we bet it isn’t anywhere is as exciting as the first couple of days. With cabin fever well and truly setting in, your PB membership is the perfect way to get some much need Vitamin-D and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and contained way.  Keep your distance from everyone in the ultimate luxury and retain some sense of normality in your routine.

  • Dine alfresco with a catered lunch on board

With the restrictions on indoor gatherings tightening, many restaurants are starting to implement takeaway and delivery services to keep themselves afloat. More and more restaurants are providing your favourite in house dishes that can now be enjoyed for the comfort of your vessel. Enjoy 5-star food in a 5-star setting of your choice and enjoy a delicious meal in the sunshine.

  • Access beaches that are still open

Every day we are seeing more closures of public spaces and beaches are no exception. With the major spots like Bondi already on lockdown, kicking it seaside is becoming difficult. Pacific Boating members have the opportunity to head out enjoy hidden beaches around the coast that you can enjoy virtually for yourself. Relax and spend the day on the sand without having to worry about crowds or breaking the rules.

  • Keep the kids entertained

For all the parents out there, you have no doubt had a moment of panic when you think about what to do with the kids. With many private schools already online and public ones sure to follow shortly, the kids are inevitably going to need some activities that don’t include a screen (if that’s even possible at the moment). Pack up the family and jump aboard for a day in the sun. Swim, cook and relax away from the computer in a safe outdoor environment.

  • Escape the chaos

This is a big one. We’ve all been following online the videos of people fighting over loo paper at Woolies and the stockpiling madness and fear mongering that unfortunately surrounds us at this time. It’s exhausting even when we are not doing anything. Everyone needs a break from it all and what better way to do that than an out on the water. Forget the chaos and let the glittering water and sunshine melt all the stress away.

  • Get some exercise

Home workouts are great and all but why not keep yourself active by swimming at your favourite coastal spot. Alternate your naps with a cheeky dip in the crystal clear water and keep yourself fit and healthy. Also, it’s a great way to keep the kids active during isolation. Grab your togs and make the most of the good weather before we hit winter. The home workouts can wait.


  • Your vessel makes for the perfect remote office

While the offices are closed work doesn’t stop and it can be difficult to stay motivated and focused inside the house. So many distractions and with the whole family in the house, silence is becoming harder to come by. With internet access and ample space both inside and out you can maximise your productivity away from home.

  • Support local businesses

Now more than ever we need to stand together and support small businesses and each other to ensure that we can come safely out the other side. With many of us in crisis mode with potential closures and further restrictions, we need to come together as a community. Make the most of dining options (whether it’s takeaway or delivery on the boat), buy fishing supplies from your local kiosk or grab a take away coffee at a café.

  • Perfect place for solo activities

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – just about every activity is better on a boat. Fishing, napping, reading, eating, drinking, relaxing, working, you name it. If we’re stuck in isolation why not do it with a million-dollar view and 5-star amenities?


While there are so many activities that are not possible right now, using your PB membership is not one of them.


We’ve got you! Take care!











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