Sydney Harbour

Pacific Boating provides a convenient opportunity to enjoy a boating lifestyle without the hefty commitment of buying or sharing a boat. Take pleasure in a range of luxurious sports cruisers from two premier locations without the worry of ownership. Experience the joy of boating and let us take care of the rest.

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Sydney Harbour

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Sydney Boathouse Rozelle Bay Rozelle NSW 2039

Located at the newest marina complex on Sydney Harbour, The Sydney Boathouse, and only minutes from Darling Harbour and major Sydney Harbour attractions.

Why Buy a Boat? Enjoy Ours…

It’s simple, flexible and easy to join.

Walk on, walk off
Lets maximise your time on the water
Maintenance free
Let us look after the boat maintenance
Cruise on Pittwater or Sydney Harbour
Our 2 locations give our members ultimate choice
A large fleet of 18 sport cruisers
32, 44 or 52 foot Sea Ray Sundancers cater to your needs

Step 1

Become a Member and get up to speed with our extensive training programme. Make a booking via our customised Membership Management Portal and you are ready to get out on the water and use our fleet


Step 2

Arrive at the Marina where a Pacific Boating Team Member will escort you to your vessel for a pre cruise check and briefing and then head out to enjoy your day


Step 3

Return to the marina where a team member will assist you to berth and off load your gear and you can head on home and leave the rest to the Pacific Boating Team


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Yes all members are covered by our Marine Insurance Policy.

Yes, we prefer you do. Membership payments are made up of a small joining fee and a membership fee which is paid monthly.

If bad weather prevents you from taking your planned cruise you can defer to an alternative date, subject to availability and conditions.

Yes, if you have a current Boating Licence and have been approved by us, you are able to enjoy overnight stays.

You don’t need a licence to become a member, but you must hold a Boating Licence to take any Pacific Boating boat out.

Yes. 50% of our members are new to boating when they join. Included in your Membership fee is a comprehensive practical training course on boat handling and familiarisation and further training can be supplied on request if needed.

Your initial membership allows you to book the boats for up to 24 days per year but our stand by system allows you to use the boats for a minimum additional daily charge if available making usage relatively unlimited.

Why Buy a Boat? Enjoy Ours…

Pacific Boating offers an alternative way to enjoy a boating lifestyle without having to purchase your own boat or enter into a boat share contract. It’s simple, flexible and easy to join.
  • Walk on, walk off
  • Maintenance free
  • Pittwater & Sydney Harbour access
  • A fleet of 18 luxury sports cruisers
  • Full training provided

Join Sydney’s premier boating club and enhance your lifestyle

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